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After five rounds of IVF, one IUI, hundreds of shots, several doctors, an early miscarriage and then the loss of twins during the second trimester we finally welcomed our beautiful baby girl into our lives. We still can’t believe she’s here. Our goal, besides not breaking her, is to make you not feel so alone on your journey. Join us as we podcast our way through life as Parents After 40.


Episode 3: Waiting for the End

Episode 3 called, Waiting for the End, tells the story of our miscarriages. We lost a baby at 8.5 weeks and then our mono/mono twins at 17.5 weeks. We couldn't leave this part of the story out, because it's too important. We didn't want other parents to think this was an easy journey.

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Episode 2: IUI – not “Eye to Eye” like the Kajagoogoo song

It's IUI, not "Eye to Eye" like the Kajagoogoo song... Yet, every time I hear the initials, that song comes into my head. This episode is about our first and only IUI. Going through it? About to? Just want to learn more about a woman's hormones?

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Episode 1: Do you want to have kids?

Kathryn is in her forties and Ted is in his fifties. Ted had bladder cancer years before they met, so they knew having a baby would be tough. But not THIS tough. Come along as they figure out how to be "Parents After 40."


“Awesome podcast – great info and adorable dynamic.”

Kate Marengo, Founder, Interior Chicago

“New favorite podcast. Full disclosure: I love these guys. Ted is one of my oldest friends. We go way back, and I’ve always been taken in by his sense of humor and resilience in dealing with life’s challenges — of which he has endured many. Over the years, I have learned a lot from Ted about what it means to be a man. He and Kathryn were married a couple years back. Since then, I have watched in amazement as Kathryn has begun showing the rest of the world some of the unique aspects of Ted that I have treasured for 40-something years now. Give it a listen!”

Keir Beadling, Lawyer, Blogger, Marketer

Meet Kathryn & Ted

Kathryn was a television executive and worked in the industry for over 20 years. She’s now a public speaking trainer and media strategist.

Ted has been in healthcare technology for 20 years. Kathryn built her own company and wanted to build a family. Ted had bladder cancer years before they met, so they knew having a baby would be tough.

But not THIS tough.

Come along on their IVF journey and as they figure out how to be “Parents After 40.”
Hosts: Kathryn Janicek and Ted Wright
Produced by: Kathryn Janicek (www.kathrynjanicek.com)

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