Episode 3 called, Waiting for the End, tells the story of our miscarriages. We lost a baby at 8.5 weeks and then our mono/mono twins at 17.5 weeks.

We couldn’t leave this part of the story out, because it’s too important. We didn’t want other parents to think this was an easy journey.

Here it all is. The pain, what we’d like to see changed at hospitals across the U.S., and our plans after the losses.

Kathryn is in her forties and Ted is in his fifties.
Kathryn was a television executive producer for 20 years and she’s now a public speaking trainer and media coach.
Ted has been in healthcare technology for 20 years.
Kathryn built her own company and wanted to build a family.
Ted had bladder cancer years before they met, so they knew having a baby would be tough.
But not THIS tough.
Come along as they figure out how to be “Parents After 40.”

Hosts: Kathryn Janicek and Ted Wright
Produced by: Kathryn Janicek (
Edited by: Kirie Quackenbush (